QCF-NVQ Model Portofolios


This is a recording system which contains a flexible qualification plan; detailed, but user-friendly evidence referencing checklists and all documentation and structure to meet the requirements of the Assessor Award and Awarding Organisation (Cskills Awards). These portfolios may also be used electronically for Centres moving away from paper-based systems.

For Centres who purchase the portfolios for two or more occupations, Ann Cook will deliver (as part of the purchase price) a 3-hour session to the Assessment Teams who will be using the portfolios to assist them to maximise their use of the documents. Included in the session will be a practical activity to help familiarise the staff with the documents, and their use. A certificate will be issued to the Centre to confirm that a Standardisation Activity, directly relating to the implementation of the portfolio documentation, has taken place.


The portfolios are available, on CD-ROM, for the following -

Occupation Levels
Decorative Finishing & Industrial Painting Occupations
(Painting & Decorating)
1, 2 & 3
Trowel Occupations 1, 2 & 3
Plastering (Solid & Fibrous) 1, 2 & 3
Wood Occupations - Site Carpentry 1, 2 & 3
Wood Occupations - Bench Joinery 1, 2 & 3
Wall and Floor Tiling 2 & 3
Roofing Occupations Roof Slater & Tiler 2 & 3
Construction Operations 2
Maintenance Operations 2
Heritage Skills Decorative Occupations 3
Occupational Work Supervision 3
Construction Site Supervision Building & Civil Engineering 3

Key Benefits

Supports Learners by informing them of the contents, requirements, and responsibilities of undertaking the qualification.
Provides Learners with documents to assist them gather and present their evidence in sufficient detail, to cover all the criteria of units.
Provides an overall trackable and therefore auditable trail of the assessment process, review / feedback and action planning process, and declarations of authenticity.

The unit-specific documentation -

  • Informs the Learner with a user-friendly description of the range of activities they must demonstrate they regularly undertake
  • Enables Assessors to realistically negotiate the assessment plan with each individual learner
  • Provides detailed, yet user-friendly tracking of evidence.

The portfolio -

  • Provides a coherent structure for use by Learners, Assessors and Internal Quality Assurers
  • Satisfies Quality Assurance requirements for the Assessor Award and the Awarding Organisation (Cskills Awards)
  • Provides standardisation across all occupations and levels within a Centre, but also between Centres regionally and nationally.

Further Information

If there are any other occupations or levels that you would wish to purchase, or to receive an order form please contact Ann Cook.