NVQ Centre Accreditation Development


Ann Cook, an experienced consultant in NVQ Assessment and Quality Assurance, will guide and develop company / organisation procedures and personnel, working them towards becoming an Accredited Assessment Centre.

This service is relevant for -

  • Construction companies or organisations wishing to become an Accredited Assessment Centre for NVQ qualifications
  • Existing accredited Construction Assessment Centres wishing to extend the range of occupations they currently offer


  1. i. The company / organisation will receive structured development for systems and documentation, including the opportunity to purchase these bespoke if required, enabling the application for accreditation (QA5 CSA) to be submitted
  2. Company personnel will be involved, and trained where required, throughout the preparation period so that the Company is able to assume full responsibility for the running of the Centre on achievement of accredited status
  3. Work undertaken nationally

Further Information

If you would like to discuss this further with Ann Cook, please contact us.